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(mainly off-road and as close as we can get to a Half Marathon, 10k and 5k)

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Quick Info

The Tenth Adderbury Half* & other runs will take place on Sunday 9th July 2017.

*A significant part of our runs are off-road by choice. So that means the distances for the Half (Run and Walk), the Ten Run, and 5k runs are unmeasured and our best estimate. We try to make the Half as close to the Half Marathon distance as we are able to. Simarly, the Ten is as close to 10 kilometres as we can get it.

Online Entries now Closed for the 2017 ARC Three Spires Challenge.

You can now download an Entry Form to complete and bring with you on Sunday 9th July. You also need to view the 2017 Participants Information.

On the day entry fee is: Half Marathon £25; 10k £20; 5k £15; all Juniors £10

Note: It seems that several entrants have their emails spam filters set so that it is blocking important information sent to their email accounts for the event on Sunday 9th July. You can access and read the content by clicking on 2017 Participants Information

Important - Please Note. Technical T-Shirts are available to all who enter the 10k run, Half Marathon run and Half Marathon walk provided you have entered by the 18th June 2017 2nd July 2017. (Worked with suppliers to achieve the later date.)

Full Licence - 2017-28254

The routes for The Adderbury Three Spires Challenge are:

The Half

The Ten

The 5k


You can also get more info on Facebook or Twitter.


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