organisers of the Three Spires Challenge

(mainly off-road and as close as we can get to a Half Marathon, 10k and 5k)

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Adderbury Half

This is an invitation to runners of all abilities to join us on our nineth Adderbury Half (an off-road run that is as close to a Half Marathon as we can get it) on Sunday 8th July 2018. To encourage local runners who may perceive the half marathon as too much of a challenge for now there is the Adderbury Ten (close to 10k) run starting at the same time and place. Being a fun run we see this as a way to get fit after the indulgences of the festive season and the recent winter. Yes we suggest there is a need to train! While running around the countryside do wave at other runners and invite them to join us for this run.

During the Half you will see the three spires of Kings Sutton, Bloxham and Adderbury (hence the Three Spires Challenge) and the run will be off-road as much as possible. For now please note the date – 8th July 2018 – in your diary, start training if you have not yet done so and enter (Closed) for the run of your choice. You may be surprised at how many runners you will see. And of course visit this web page regularly to find out more information.

There is an entrance fee for the run and runners are not expected to collect for any cause in order to enter the run. Provided we can cover our costs through sponsorship, it is our intention to use any surplus funds to donate to local charities and local projects.

Call for Volunteers to Help
As ever, along with the runners we will need a number of volunteers to help as marshals, time-keepers for the different events, hand out water, admin/help desk and take on some of the tasks necessary to hold such an event. If you can help  please let Jimmy Young know by email or add you name to a list that will be kept at Taste Buds from March onwards.

Also if you are able to sponsor (or know of someone or an organisation who would like to sponsor) the event in any way please contact Jimmy Young . There are quite a few costs that we incur such as: start & finish lines; route markers; stop watches/timers; water for runners; hand-held communication devices for marshals to communicate with each other especially if there are emergencies; prizes; goodie bags; costs to comply with health & safety; insurance costs; and more.

Entry Forms - Now Closed
Entry Forms are available for download from this website towards the end of March. Paper based Entry Forms will be available from The Village Store from early May. An online application form (closed) and payment system is also available.

Runs, the Walk & Routes
The routes for the ARC Half and ARC Ten will be published on this web site by the end of June. Part of the route crosses private land so we are not keen to lose the goodwill of the farmers involved by encouraging runners to explore the route before the 14th July. The route is far from being flat and is off road as much as possible – in short it will be quite challenging if you used to road running.
Definite runs are:

  1. The Adderbury Half (as close to a Half Marathon as we can get off-road)
  2. The Adderbury Ten (as close to 10K as we can get off-road)
  3. The Adderbury Half Walk (same route as the Half run)
  4. The Adderbury Kids runs - four age groups

Tips to help you prepare
Perhaps the most important advice after ensuring that you are fit for the run you choose, is to have a good worn-in pair of running shoes. Do not run in a new pair of shoes on the day.