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(mainly off-road and as close as we can get to a Half Marathon, 10k and 5k)

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Volunteers & Marshals

The success or failure of our annual runs & walks depends on having informed volunteers and marshals at key locations for the Adderbury Half, Ten and Kids’ runs and walks. We have had good support from volunteers in the past but we just did not get enough people to guide runners and walkers along their respective routes. In all we probably need up to 75 volunteers to carry out a variety of tasks.

Earn £5 for ...

We will give you £5 for your time so that you can give it away to a good cause. Most clubs, societies or charities need to raise money to support their activities or cover their operational costs. Perhaps the Adderbury Running Club (ARC) can help you raise funds in return for supporting our annual event on 12th July 2014? What do you have to do? As a volunteer you will help with marshalling, handing out water to runners at watering points, at the registration desk, with course marking before the runs, with retrieving markers after runs and other tasks. And if you can form a team of at least 6 people then your team may earn a bonus! Want to know more? Read the details below.

What you need to Do Now

Volunteers need to register their intent by email or leave their details with the Village Store by the end of June 2018 unless we have reached our target of 75 volunteers before this date. (Please give your name, telephone number and ideally an email address.) In addition, you will need to attend a briefing session on Thursday ?? July 2018 where you will be given a Hi-Viz jacket, allocated your tasks and a drink on ARC.

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The Details

ARC will put aside up to £500 to pay the beneficiaries nominated by volunteers for the support given by them to the ARC annual runs taking place on the morning of 8th July 2018. Every volunteer will attract £5 that will be payable to his/her local club or society, which should either be within the Adderbury Parish boundary or a registered Charity based in the UK. In addition, three bonuses of £50, £30 and £20 are available to the three clubs/societies/charities with the highest number of volunteers.  To qualify for the £50 bonus, the number of volunteers must be greater than 16; for the £30 bonus there must be a minimum of 10 volunteers; and the £20 bonus requires a minimum of 6 volunteers.  Payments outside of the Adderbury Parish Boundary will be made only to fully registered UK charities. We would love to have the support of the youth of Adderbury but due to legislation, volunteers younger than 18 will need their parents or CRB-checked adults to volunteer with them and the responsible adult needs to be geographically collocated with the child.