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(mainly off-road and as close as we can get to a Half Marathon, 10k and 5k)

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Comments & reports on previous runs

3 Spires Half Marathon 9 July 2011

Simon Emmerson 2011Simon Emmerson: Having endured the 31c peak temperature on the 3 Spires last year, I was delighted to see the clouds and feel a gentle breeze conspiring to create almost perfect running conditions. The first 3 miles of this run are mostly flat along the side of the canal, punctuated by a few short rises for the locks.  It is relatively easy to keep a steady pace.  Then comes the climb into Bodicote, which sends the heart rate soaring.  The following run through Bodicote is an opportunity to recover slightly and to carry some speed before the major push up Windmill Hill.  Bloxham Grove Road and the pavement section into Bloxham are the last chance to make good time before the toughest section of the route, across the fields into Milton and back up to the windmill.  Although this is mostly flat, the terrain, stiles, gates and the odd dog walker make it difficult to maintain a rhythm.  On course for an almost respectable time, I had only to maintain the pace across the fields back to Manor Road.   The sound of heavy footfalls close behind me provided additional motivation all the way, but I was eventually overtaken just before the stream.  For the third year running I was involved in a late race to the finish all the way from Manor Road, through the church yard and into the Lucy Plackett Playing Fields.  I was wearing my second best legs by now and was overtaken on the line for the third year in a row, recording 1:35:14 and 22nd place overall.  I would like to extend a sincere thank you to the ARC committee and members, the marshals and everyone who gives so much time and effort to make this superb annual event possible.  I would also like to thank all my sponsors for helping to raise over £300 for Katharine House.

Sheila NortonSheila Norton: Stood on the starting line to tackle my 2nd Adderbury Half Marathon with little enthusiasm as I knew I hadn’t done as much training as I’d intended.  By the time I’d climbed through the churchyard and up the High Street my reservations were even stronger.  However, settled into a good rhythm down the track and along the towpath before the pull up to Bodicote. Local knowledge was then a bonus as I knew there was plenty of recovery time before the dreaded hill up to Bloxham Grove. That one is always a killer but I managed it and then I was on familiar territory along The Grove and actually enjoying the run.  Kept up a decent pace through Bloxham and, with the second pull up to the windmill out of the way, I was smiling all the way home – just one sting in the tail as I was expecting to turn right towards the playing field at the Millstream!  I think I knew nearly every marshal and it was great to have them cheering me on; thank you to all the Sharp & Blunt ladies and everyone else who helped on the day.  I had thought this might be my last 1/2M but now I’m enthused again and could be back next year – so long as it’s not on the same day as the Katharine House Hospice Midnight Walk.  Having to stay up until 6am was not the best plan!

Lucy T: "Just wanted to say what an excellent time I had on Saturday thank you - it was superbly organised and talk about an absolute bargin in terms of entrance fee - for an amazing course with friendly marshals, timed finshes with names called out, and to top it off a brilliant medal, tshirt and a doughnut!!! It was fantastic with a great atmosphere - we will be back!"