ARC Club Challenge

Sadly many of the events chosen for the ARC Challenge 2020 have been cancelled due to Covid 19. The following events had been chosen, we hope that we may be able to make some adjustments for events later in the year. Points will be awarded according to the attached Rules and the Challenge Cup will be presented to the member with the highest number of points early in 2021. We have tried to include a variety of distances and locations which we hope you will enjoy.

The nominated races for 2019 ARC Club challenge were as follows:

  1. Any Marathon
  2. Any Half Marathon
  3. Banbury Parkrun
  4. Any other Parkrun
  5. Banbury 15
  6. Stratford Half
  7. Firkin 5
  8. Banbury 5
  9. Leamington Half
  10. Hooky 6
  11. Headington 5
  12. Cotswold Classic 10
  13. Blenheim Half
  14. Blenheim 10k
  15. Hooky Christmas Canter

Please visit our calendar for a full list of races.

If you would like your results to be entered towards the championship, you will need to contact Becky Rogers –

Points are allocated based on an age-graded percentage, so you could well be surprised at how many points you have managed to earn with even just one or two events!

You will need to confirm your times, if you have them – or if not, confirm that you are happy for us to look them up on the events official results page.  You will also need to let Becky have your date of birth (for the age grade).

View more information about ARC championship rules.