ARC Running Leaders

Meet our Leaders:

The club is affiliated to England Athletics, and is run by an elected committee.


Mike Rogers: Run Leader

Having played sport all my life and run two half marathons in the past, I was persuaded to go to parkrun with Becky (my wife) 4 years ago, quickly becoming a regular and then 18 months ago joined ARC following our move to Twyford. Last year ARC funded an England Athletics Leader in Running Fitness course for me and in the Autumn I helped with the Club’s Beginners Group which I really enjoyed (hopefully the runners did too!). I have continued running on the clubs Sunday morning and Tuesday evening runs with a great group of people and have found the club friendly, encouraging and inclusive.

Caz Stokes: Run Leader

I joined ARC in 2014 with some friends as thought it would be good to run in a local group and was excited to try out some trail routes. In 2015 the club coach agreed to support the children at the village school with after school run training sessions, it was great to share their enthusiasm starting with barefoot running techniques, drills and see them progress to trail running over the fields. As a volunteer helper for this group I found myself encouraged to undertake a leader in running and fitness course. We ran sessions for 3 years at the school. I’ve also attended a chi running workshop and enjoy sharing experiences and new ideas with club members. I really enjoy being part of the ARC team, a friendly supportive group; whether on weekly runs, together at run events and socially, always good fun.

Caroline Richards: Run Leader

I ran for many years on my own, then joined ARC about ten years ago and discovered the pleasure of having company while running! All distances have their challenges – I’ve completed a couple of marathons but prefer the half marathon and 10K distances. I also love Parkrun, both for the challenge of fast pace over short distance and also for the ethos of the organisation. Two years ago I was invited to do the run leader’s training course and now lead the Tuesday evening run and some Sunday morning runs.

Chris Varney: Run Buddy

I have been running for many years and, until I joined Adderbury Running Club in 2010, I always ran alone; in fact at that time I knew very few women who actually ran for fun. Being part of a group is so much better: more sociable, more motivating and safer. ARC is now a fully inclusive club, open to anyone who wants to run for fun or more seriously, no matter what their ability. In the distant past, I completed three London Marathons and number of half marathons, including the Otmoor Challenge and the last Banbury Half Marathon (in 1984). My favourite distance now is 5K and my default running position is tail runner! I hope to continue to support the club by encouraging complete beginners to have a go and to run with them at a pace which suits their ability.